1. thecagegauge:

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce The Cage Gauge. We now embark on a quest to watch every single Nicolas Cage movie this summer and rate them from best to worst with a scientific and rigorous ranking system. It is a dangerous mission not many before have attempted. We may lose our minds. We could possibly even lose our lives. But it has begun. Wish us luck; we may not come out of this alive…

    adam lambert + Emojis

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  2. Adam Lambert living his dream.

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    petition to make this the new loading symbol


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    Boyfriend and I went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and all I could think about was Animal Crossing.

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  4. ammit420:

    horror movie synopsis

    • white family moves into house
    • the house got some shit in it
    • family refuses to acknowledge that they got some shit in they house
    • turns out that shit is some ultrashit

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    "ah yes an article about a transgender person. time to read the comments i bet they are all very supportive" - me for some god damn shit fucking reason


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